Contact Permissions

We would love to send you exlusive offer, information on new feature additions, information regarding new template additions, promotion offers from and our partners and many such more information. However we cannot do it till you permit us. The mode of contact will be email. We will never share your personal details with any other firm or companies.

Data Sharing Permissions

We would like to share your data with Recruitment Agencies, Companies registered with us for Recruitment. This will help in getting a better job and better career easily and will increase your chance to get a good job offer.


Account Deletion

You can delete your account with if you wish.

Please note that once the account is deleted all the information will be lost and cannot be restored by any means. This will include:

  1. All your data with
  2. All your web profiles and any web site associated with
  3. All your interview appointments and ongoing job job related interactions via
  4. You will also loose your credibility to use any of the templates made available to you by